Applications for neXt generation.
Applix is a cutting-edge digital platform and engineering studio, offering transformational solutions in manufacturing and supply chain.
Since 2023, Applix has been setting new standards in excellence and innovation in manufacturing transformation through AI and XR technologies.
Studio Offerings
Digital Solutions
We offer end-to-end digital solutions for next-gen enterprises, including:
  • Application development
  • Software modernization
  • DevSecOps
  • Hyper automation
  • AI & ML
Our aim is to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation.
Engineering and R&D
Our world-class expertise in the following areas helps our clients:
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Embedded electronics
  • Software development
We assist in accelerating product development, leveraging the latest technologies, optimizing supply chain management, and reducing risk.
Business Consulting
We deliver customized strategies based on industry insights and analytics to boost:
  • Operational efficiency
  • Financial stability
  • Market competitiveness
These strategies are designed for next-gen enterprises.
Digital PLM
Products evolve from inception to replacement, driven by new technologies and market competition. Recognizing this, Applix's Digital Product Lifecycle Management (DPLM) Solution integrates:
  • Advanced Technology Adaptation
  • Competitive Market Analysis
Discover how our DPLM helps you lead the market and extend your product's lifecycle through innovation. Learn more about elevating your market position with Applix.
Innovative. Digital toolbox.
Zero Defect
A revolutionary approach to quality inspections in manufacturing, aiming to seamlessly bridge the gap between virtual design and physical product creation.
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SCM Xpert
A supply chain performance management dashboard incorporating a real-time performance and AI-augmented capability that enables companies to streamline operations, optimize supply performance, and reduce operating costs.
Industries we work with.
Our specialized transportation engineering services empower OEMs to build innovative next-generation vehicles and aircraft.
Consumer & Industrial Products
Our multidisciplinary team assists OEMs and operators through the entire value chain, driving innovation and efficiency.
Health care
We empower healthcare entities to optimize patient care and operational efficiency by leveraging advanced technologies.