Zero Defect
Transformation in Manufacturing Quality Inspections
Zero Defect is innovating a revolutionary approach to quality inspections in manufacturing, aiming to seamlessly bridge the gap between virtual design and physical product creation.
Challenges in Quality Inspections


Costly Methods
Manufacturing quality inspections have been stained by costly, sluggish, and error-prone methods.


Manual Processes
Over 80% of these inspections still rely on manual processes, despite the high stakes of quality in consumer expectations.


Product Recalls Surge
The surge in U.S. product recalls reaching a ten-year high in 2023, with 1.5 billion product recalls, underscores an urgent need for stringent, error-proof quality control.
Revolutionary Approach
Our solution revolutionizes the process by providing a seamless, real-time overlay of virtual designs onto physical objects.
Reduction in Dependency
Aiming to cut down manual quality assurance dependency by at least 70%, translating into a direct annual bottom-line benefit of approximately $5 billion.
Operational Advantages
Requires no additional hardware, offering intuitiveness, easy adaptability, seamless integration with existing systems, and scalability.
Market Challenges and Impact
Market Challenges
Current market solutions are bogged down by complex technologies, demand heavy customization, capital heavy, and steep learning curves.
Zero Defect's Impact
Applix transforms manufacturing quality inspections by turning capital expenses into optimized operational costs, without extra hardware. Its user-friendly, easily adaptable solution boosts productivity tenfold and ensures unmatched precision, seamlessly fitting into existing systems. The founding team's mix of tech knowledge, manufacturing experience, and visionary outlook has evolved Applix from an idea to a practical prototype, marking a new standard in inspection efficiency and accuracy.
Early adopters using the product